Venetian Plaster || Limes

These products are all made of slaked lime and contain no synthetic additives or acrylic modifiers. They are hypoallergenic, mold and dust mite resistant, and historically correct Italian plasters. They are available only from Safra S.p.A., Italy. All the limes may be used inside or outside and due to their natural ability to transpire moisture they are suitable to humid environments, however when used on exteriors they must be used over lime plasters or lime based substrates. As with all surface treatments used outside  maintenance will eventually be required. Inside they will last a lifetime.

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Venetian Plaster || Hybrids

These materials were created to supply an ever broadening market with more versatile products. In many cases they appear similar to their historic counterparts and in some cases surpass them. The synthetic portion of the product is generally Acrylic resin unless otherwise noted. This resin may be mixed with other natural ingredients such as filtered slaked lime, marble flour or quartz.

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Venetian Plaster || Specialty

Our specialty finishes represent a range of products that rely on application technique, use of a non-plaster product, extreme product modification, or some combination of these to achieve the desired effect.

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